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Buy or Sell the perfect domain!

To think the perfect domain and then find out that it already has an owner can be frustrating. Match is the ideal place to buy, sell or bid on currently registered domains. If a domain has not been renewed, is for sale or is about to be renewed, with our systems we can help you get it.

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Match is perfect …
If you buy...

  • Companies and start-ups looking for the desired address
  • Building an online presence for new products
  • Investment in names of valuable domains
If you sell...

  • Monetization of unused web addresses
  • Professional business with internet domains
  • Marketing of premium domains through a broker
A powerful and easy-to-use control panel

What you need to manage your hosting and domains from a single interface. You can manage, purchase, renew, request assistance, in total autonomy wherever you are! The panel is accessible from any mobile or fixed device.

Why choose Match?

Match.it offers you reliable and professional tools to grow your business online.

Domain trading

Domain trading is similar to any other trading such as stock trading or anything else you buy at a lower price and then sell it for a profit at a higher price. No specific experience is required, and it does not require to be an expert in the field to be able to reap profits, you only need to buy some domains that can be sold at potentially high prices in the future.

Domain traders typically target the domains that have:

Future growth prospects

Expired domains

Domains with spelling advantages

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Turn unused domains into money easily!

In our Marketplace you can book, buy, sell, or let your experts evaluate your domains and start earning money now!

Your questions, our answers

I have just signed in to Match.it: what should I do?

  1. First you have to create here an account where you can see all the invoicing details. If you don't add the VAT, the account will be PRIVATE, which means that, the VAT will be added to the credit. ( if you top up 15€ you get 12,29€).
  2. Then you have to create a profile here to register the domain. (These will be the pubblic data you'll see on whois. If you want to manage the privacy you can do it here. You must agree the conditions at the end of the page).
  3. After that, you can pay on this page. (To be validated, you must top up your account with 15€. Credits are non refundable).


Auction offers over 500 euros

In order to bid above 500 euros for an auction domain, you must have recharged at least 500 euros. It is not necessary to have this amount at the time of the offer, but the top-up history must reach this figure.