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The domain you want is someone else’s? Get in line

You know when you have to wait in line at the supermarket? The domain backorder service works a little like that. If a domain that had an owner later becomes available, you are already lined up to buy it. Naturally the procedure is a bit more complicated.

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Life cycle of a domain name


A domain name is considered available if no one has already registered it. As soon as a domain is registered it is no longer available.


Registration period: a registered domain will be displayed as withdrawn until the cancellation from the register, which takes place after the deadline, following a court decision or if the domain has broken some registry rules. At registration, the registrant must choose the duration of the initial period. This period can be from 1 to 10 years selectable by year. Once registered, the domain name is owned by the registrant and is managed through the registrar.

During this time, the following actions are possible:

NS Update: Change the name servers
Contact Update: Update administrative, billing and technical contacts
Domain Trade: Change the domain owner
Domain Transfer: Transfer the domain

Auto Renew Grace Period

During this time, the domain name is still active in the log for 30 days (automatically renewed). The registrant still has the possibility to renew it or to let the domain expire. But after this period, the registrar will ask the registry to cancel this domain leading to the repayment period.

Redemption period

During this time, the domain name is deactivated by the root. That is to say, any service connected to this domain name will cease to function immediately. The purpose of this period is to allow the domain name registrant, if he has lost all registrar reminders, to discover that his domain has expired and to let him reactivate. is the only one able to renew it. After this period the domain must be deleted.

Pending delete

At the end of the redemption period, the domain is put into a state of inactivity. At this stage, no registrar is able to act on the domain, nor reactivate it. It will be deleted from the log database in the next 5 days. Next, the domain becomes available again.