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Cashback program

Book a domain, participate in the auction … and get a percentage on the closing price of the auction.

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Cos'e' il programma Cashback di Match?

Match Cashback is an extra credit that can only be used in auctions and is matured as follows: at the close of the auction, the second highest bidder will be awarded a cashback of the 5% and to the third highest bidder a cashback of the 3% of the final price. In addition to each user who had booked the domain will be assigned a cashback of 1 €.

How does it work?

Let’s take a practical example:
Three users book a domain
The domain is retrieved from Match and all three receive 1 € of cashback for the reservation
The domain goes to the auction and User A wins it for 100 €
User B is the second highest bidder and gets 5 € of cashback while User C is the third highest bidder and gets 3 € of cashback
User B has a credit of 60 euros and subsequently participates in another auction for another domain and wins it for 50 €;
Having 6 € of cashback, to User B remain 16 € instead of 10 🙂The Cashback program may have a temporary duration, in case this functionality is to be inhibited the accumulated credit will last another 100 days


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