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Hosting platforms for every need!

Every hosting service optimized to give maximum performance!

Superior performance in speed

Secure Data Centers and Certificates

Data encryption

Support instant chat

Choose the plan that’s right for you

Each plan includes:

Email Protection
99.9% Uptime
DDoS protection

Why choose Match.it services?

Your needs are important to us, so we listen to them and start every day to develop ever more innovative products. We are attentive to new technologies, with a team of developers working to improve the products and services that allow you to be always competitive and keep up with the times.
You just choose the service and the best offer for your needs and rely on us as a partner for your online business, as many companies and persons have already done.

CPanel control panel

Manage all domain names, renewals, billing and services in one place. Through our Panel.
With a few simple steps you can connect your domain instantly to a Web Hosting, Email Hosting or any service plan, without any technical knowledge. The Panel is powerful, but at the same time simple to use. It has all the necessary tools to manage your domain portfolio in total autonomy and at any time.

Your questions, our answers

How do I activate a free and self-signed SSL certificate?

Thanks to the hosting on Match.it you can activate a free and self-signed SSL certificate via CPANEL. You can find all the information you need in the official guide (read the entire document and also the Additional documentation). No assistence is provided (that's the reason why the prices are low, or even free). If you need our help, we'll release a quote to pay.

Will you provide any type of assistance in the free hosting?

No, no assistance is provided.

Will you provide assistance in the paid hosting?

No, the prices are so low that we can't provide any type of assistence.

What's the difference between free hosting and paid hosting?

The difference lies in the available services.

How many free hosting may I activate?

You can activate only a limited number of free hosting. It depends on your partecipation on Match.it.

Description of the Hosting service

The service allows you to activate a hosting plan linked to the domain owned by the user. In order to activate hosting, the domain must be maintained on the DomainAuction platform. The user can choose a hosting plan among those available according to their needs. The Hosting service has a duration of one calendar year starting from the day of activation and by default it renews automatically upon expiration unless the user chooses otherwise. A week before the service expires, if automatic renewal is not active or if the user does not have enough credit to renew it, the user receives an email alert.
Once activated, the Hosting service cannot be deactivated unless it expires.
At any time it is always possible to upgrade the hosting plan, but downgrade is not allowed.